A new script-based virus dubbed “Opener” can reportedly disable Mac OS X’s built-in firewall, steal personal information and destroy data. “Security experts say these traits are common among the thousands of viruses targeting Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system but are virtually unheard of on Apple’s Mac OS. Paul Ducklin, Sophos’ head of technology in the Asia-Pacific region, said that the virus, which Sophos calls Renepo, is designed to infect any Mac OS X drives connected to an infected system and that it leaves affected computers vulnerable to further hacker attack. Ducklin said Opener disables Mac OS X’s built-in firewall, creates a back door so the malware author can control the computer remotely, locates any passwords stored on the hard drive, and downloads a password cracker called JohnTheRipper.” Symantec said users of Norton AntiVirus for Mac OS X were protected as long as they had updated their signatures over the weekend.