The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is revving up iPad usage, according to an “AVWeb” report ( The FAA currently has about 1,100 employees — from pilots to lawyers — using tablets, has future plans for an app store, and now plans to broadly expand the use of iPads within the agency, according to its tech group.

“AVWeb” says the FAA currently allows employees to use iPads to read and send e-mail or documents, and doesn’t allow the devices to be used to access FAA networks. However, he FAA’s manager of Architecture and Applied Technology said that by 2014, the FAA plans to allow workers the choice to replace laptops with iPads.

It plans to consider Android-based tablets as well. notes “AVWeb.” The FAA’s internal research has found tablets have proven particularly useful for information consumers like mechanics and lawyers. Mechanics who had relied on a desktop computer for parts requests or to file reports gained better access to shared resources through the use of tablets. The FAA hopes to expand iPad use for trainers and students and create an app store, says “AVWeb.”