Managing Editor Inc. ( has released new XTensions that allow its ad-layout solutions to work with QuarkXPress 9.

MEI’s flagship Page Director Advertising Layout System (ALS) for magazines and AdForce handle issue creation and advertising layout for newspapers and magazines. These ad layouts can then be opened in QuarkXPress for editing and output. MEI also offers Plug-Ins that connect its ad-layout solutions with Adobe InDesign.

With ALS XT, QuarkXPress users can import all ALS and AdForce issue information, including issue size, ad file paths and other placement details, plus folios, to a Quark document. FiFi (short for “Find Files”) XT finds and links ad files that weren’t available during the initial import, and also hunts down missing, misnamed or misplaced ads to complete the publication.

ALS XT 9 and FiFi XT 9 are available free to customers who participate in MEI’s Ad Layout and FiFi Premium Site Support Agreement program. Other customers should contact MEI for info.