Scosche Industries ( says several Verizon iPhone 4 compatible cases will be immediately available on the phone’s launch date, Feb. 10. The company says it was able to quickly modify several of its most cases to fit the new phone’s footprint in time for the launch, including white and black versions of Scosche’s signature kickBack series (pictured) of hybrid polycarbonate and rubber cases with an integrated kickstand perfect for landscape media viewing.

The similarly designed Scosche switchKASE g4 will also be available at launch and features a kickBack case and a smooth silicone skin with a removable sports armband for working out with the Verizon iPhone 4. The switchBACK g4 will allow users to snap different colors and styles onto the back of their case, including both smooth back and kickstand designs. Verizon customers will be able to choose between pink & purple and dark chrome & blue chrome switchBack options at launch with red & yellow and blue & red bundles due out in March.

Scosche has also modified their switchBack surge back-up battery case for the iPhone 4 to accommodate the new Verizon iPhone button locations. It features a rechargeable lithium-ion with 1800 mAh of battery power to provide 70-80% of extra battery power. The integrated micro USB port allows users charge and sync the iPhone while in use and will be available this spring.

Verizon customers looking for a more traditional case may prefer the beefKase g4, which is made from genuine leather and polycarbonate to provide a more classic look and feel.  The updated version is currently available.

The Scosche snapShield P1, a low profile polycarbonate case for iPad, and the sneakPeek audio video connection solution, are also being tweaked for the Verizon iPhone. The sneakPeek allows iPod, iPhone and iPad users to share content on their device with friends and family on any television or monitor with RCA inputs and is available in Verizon stores now.