Tuesday October 12, 2004

iWatermark 2.0 Easily/Inexpensively Secures and Protects Your Digital Photos

iWatermark, the worlds No. 1 watermarking application for Mac and Windows
just had a major upgrade. Version 2.0 features new effects like aqua and
emboss. Includes information on how to use with iPhoto. iWatermark is now
faster and even easier to use. iWatermark is an essential tool for anyone
with a digital camera, professionals and beginners.

Download iWatermark and try it out for 30 days:

iWatermark is the simplest tool available for watermarking artwork, digital
photos and other images that you can then put on the web or send via email.
iWatermark can also create thumbnails. Watermarks can be created in other
applications like Photoshop but using Photoshop requires an education in
watermarking techniques. Using Photoshop is also much harder and very time
consuming. In iWatermark the whole process only takes seconds and fits
easily into your digital workflow.

iWatermark is more than just a quick and easy way to watermark your
important images. iWatermark can watermark, resize the image, create
thumbnails, and output at a variety of quality levels. All done in one
process and one click. For added protection of your original images
iWatermark will not overwrite any files, instead iWatermark will create a
sequential copy.

iWatermark features a powerful watermark creation engine that not only
allows you to use TIFF & PNG images with full transparency but also allows
you to create you own watermarks using text effects (based upon the text
effects from our Easy Card application). The text effects include Aqua,
Embossed, Engraved, Drop Shadow and Outline. With both the text & image
watermarks you have control over the translucency, rotation and watermark

Why would you want to watermark?

Watermarking your photography, digital images and other artwork is important
in today’s day and age. It ensures that anyone who views your photos knows
immediately that you created them and they are owned by you.

– Avoid the surprise of seeing your artwork elsewhere on the web or in an
– Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved after that.
– Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn’t
know that you created it.
– Avoid intellectual property squabbles.
– Digitally sign your work/photos/graphic/artwork with iWatermark and claim
and maintain the recognition you deserve.

With a few clicks you can reduce the likelihood of your work being ripped
off, by using iWatermark. Download it for Windows or Mac and try it out for
30 days.

Version Changes:
– [Add] Holding down shift while dragging pictures in, appends them to the
– [Add] New Styles, Emboss and Aquafy
– [Bug] Fixed bug with the multi-styled text and not recognizing some
fonts. (Mac OS X only)
– [Bug] Using wrong iWatermark icon! needs to use the white border icon!
– [Mod] Improved the speed of opening the Preferences window
– [Mod] The Dropshadow & Outline effect has been modified.
– [fr] Ability to scale the watermark within a percentage of the image.
preferences information.
– [Add] FAQ how to watermark the photos from iPhoto and place them
onto .Mac
– [Bug] Correct some spelling mistakes in the error handler.
– [Bug] Error Type 7 while reading the preferences, due to malformed
– [Bug] Fixed an error type 1 when opening the preferences window.
– [Bug] Outline feature is now working again.
– [Bug] Some menus appear twice (Windows only)
– [Mod] Made some minor modifications to improve the graphics speed.
– [Mod] Quicker at opening JPEGs
– [fr] Help System