Breakthrough Touchscreen Solution Available November 15
For Immediate Release

(UK) Web UK, Ltd. is proud to announce the innovative TouchSTAR=81 pSeries17
touchscreen enhancement for Apple’s 17=9B PowerBook will be available
world-wide beginning November 15, 2004 for =A4495.00 plus VAT.

The new TouchSTAR pSeries17, first shown at the Apple Expo in Paris, is the
first in the new line of TouchSTAR products for Apple’s portable and
desktop LCD displays. TouchSTAR products allow Apple users to easily add or
remove touchscreen functionality to their displays without system
modification using a patent-pending slipcover design. The TouchSTAR frames
are made of durable aluminium that elegantly matches Apple’s award winning
designs. Simply slip the TouchSTAR system over your screen, install the
drivers, and plug in the USB cable; your Apple display is touch enabled.
Drivers and calibration tools are provided for both Mac OS X Jaguar and

The TouchSTAR pSeries17 for PowerBooks is the first in the pSeries that
will include TouchSTAR pSeries12 and pSeries15 for the Apple 12=9B and 15=9B
PowerBooks respectively. Those will ship by Q1, 2005. The cSeries for
Cinema displays, the iSeries for iBooks and the mSeries for the G5 iMacs
will follow.

Touchscreens emulate a mouse’s click, double-click and drag to provide the
most intuitive desktop navigation. Simply point and touch with your finger.
Not only do these new TouchSTAR products allow people worldwide to enhance
their systems quickly and easily, TouchSTAR is also the most affordable
touchscreen solution around.

TouchSTAR touchscreens use the latest pressure sensitive, resistive
technology and the most modern controller design. They provide 4,096 by
4,096 points of touch resolution and are tested to over 10 million touches
for durability. The new calibration utility provides 7 points of
calibration for superior accuracy to the edges of the screen. All new
TouchSTAR systems can be secured to the host system using generally
available Kensington security cables.

Touchscreen enhancements, while essential for users with physical
challenges, are today part of everyone’s lifestyle. With these new
TouchSTAR products, Mac developers can create software for the highly
lucrative interactive marketplace. TouchSTAR touchscreens are commonly used
for interactive kiosks, retail displays, museum exhibits, building
directories, point of sale systems, gaming, vending and ATM machines. Music
and video editors use touchscreens in their studios. Presenters use
touchscreens for dynamic Keynote presentations. Touchscreens are ideal for
industrial controls, medical equipment, and scientific instrumentation.
TouchSTAR touchscreens can be easily shared in classroom and lab

Web UK, Ltd. is based in Surrey, England and is the exclusive international
distributor of TouchSTAR products. Web UK, Ltd. are technology brokers who
distribute technology and communications solutions worldwide. Bona fide
reseller inquiries are welcome. For TouchSTAR sales and information email
Web UK, Ltd. at

TouchSTAR is a trademark of T2D, Inc/Troll Touch. Apple PowerBook, Cinema
display, iBook, G5 iMac MacClassic, Mac OS X and Keynote are trademarks of
Apple Computer