Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Earlier this year Google launched a Google Voice HTML5 web app for iPhone users. Now they’ve launched the official Google Voice for iPhone app (alas, in the US only). With this free app, you’ll have access to all the major Google Voice features on your iPhone., an online wine retailer, has announced its free app for the iPad. The app features a “Label Flow” interface where users swipe through thousands of wine labels in a comprehensive dashboard view. Clicking on a label brings up a magazine-like page that includes critical acclaim and pedigree specifics, winery background, region, varietal and even an interactive geo-location “tour.”

Happylatte has released Pee Monkey Plant Bloom, a sequel to Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer. Pee Monkey Plant Bloom gives iPhone and iPod touch users a flower-blooming, high-definition physics puzzle experience. The US$0.99 game offers a simple “Angry Birds” style of gameplay with 40 brain-teasing levels and more coming in future updates.

Technical Made Easy has unveiled Knit-n-Count 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $1.99 app is designed to be an addition to your knitting and crochet tool bag that will help you keep track of project progress.

Naked Eye Productions has rolled out Motorbike App, a simple iOS guide that helps beginner and experienced riders select, test and purchase a motorbike. This $4.99 app was created by JR Bonner, an experienced mechanic and motorbike expert, and provides a quick way to perform on-the-spot mechanical inspections and assessments of a bike’s condition.

Enclave Studios has produced Art Clock Van Gogh 1.0 exclusively for the iPad. The $1.99 app replaces the standard clock with an expressive hand-painted visual style, fusing local weather conditions from any location in the world: fog, haze, rain, sleet, snow, sunny, cloudy, night, and more. Use gestures to select from over 50 backgrounds, and 18 hand-crafted fonts.

PhotoFilter is a new $2.99, iOS app that allows images to be rotated, scaled and cropped for both landscape and portrait orientations. Creations may be shared directly from the app via email, Facebook, Twitter post (Twitpics) and Twitter avatar.

Niles Technology Group has launched Essay Czar 1.0 for iOS devices. It’s a $29.99 essay writing handbook for college and high school students. Essay Czar features explanations and step-by-step writing instructions for over 40 types of essays, including the SAT essay.

Pina Para La Nina has debuted Word Flurry, a $0.99 anagram game.

Naxx Technologies is offering Music Morphing 1.0 for iOS devices. The $0.99 app gives you the power to transform any song using digital effects. Hear Lady Gaga with the Gangster effect, chipmunk vocal, or robot voice. The app includes a collection of 12 sound presets, sound settings for speed and pitch, and advanced, variable Sound FX filters and special effects. All sound morphing is accomplished in real-time.

LambdaMu Games has unleashed Crazy Critters for iPhone and iPod touch. A twist on the original 1971 classic arcade game Whack-A-Mole, the $1.99 game sees its players having to “fling” an array of animals out of, rather than into, their holes in a variety of ways. Instead of hitting the animals directly on the head with a mallet, players can also “stun” and “combo” these pesky little creatures with power-ups such as coffee, rockets, fireworks and more.

With just one week to go until Thanksgiving and the official start of the holiday season, dealnews has announced updated version of its free Black Friday App, for the iPhone and Android devices. With the app, shoppers can not only browse leaked and verified Black Friday ads, but can also create shopping lists, custom product searches, and utilize other features.

Mirage Labs has updated VideoPix, their $0.99 video frame grabber for the iPhone and iPod touch, to version 0.33.22. The app lets you “grab” images off a video or analyze video. VideoPix now incorporates an enhanced video player capable of playing video at normal speed with sound, and has controls to alter the playback speed of video, pause, move single frame forward and backward to grab the perfect frame from the video.

Cogniflame has released Flingy 1.2, a update to their pick-up and play arcade game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The $0.99 app features multiple levels with continuous art, original music for each level and is OpenFeint enabled for you to challenge your friends. Version 1.2 features user-controlled jets, mystery spheres, new bonuses and more.

Inkstone Software has unveiled QuickReader 2.2 for iOS, an update to their eBook reader with speed reading technology. The $5.99 app features extensive settings, granting the user total control over all functions. New Instapaper compatibility in version 2.2 allows the user to save web pages for reading later.

Viet Tran has launched Notes Plus 2.1 for the iPad. The $4.99 app was created to provide users an enhanced note-taking alternative for the Apple tablet. In version 2.1, users are able to export full note pages as images. Users now have the option of locking completed notes to be read-only, while updates to the app’s editing functionality now allow users to change both the pen and font settings of existing text as well.