webEdition Software Ltd. Releases Free MAMP Software Enabling Mac OS X
Users to Install Apache Server, MySQL and PHP with Ease

OTTAWA — October 13, 2004 — /Software Wire/ — webEdition Software Ltd.
( announced today the release of its newest software
application, the MAMP, a free, open source tool enabling Mac OS X users to
install Apache server, MySQL and PHP easily.

The MAMP, a compilation of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Turck MMCache and PHPMyAdmin
for Mac OS X, was specially designed for Mac enthusiasts to simplify what
had hitherto been a cumbersome installation process–one that involved
modifying the configuration files, terminal windows and other operations
that reside in the depths of the operating system. Now Mac users can
download the MAMP, and with just a few clicks, install the software bundle
in a folder, making it easier than ever (in typical Mac fashion) for them
to host applications on their local server. The process takes about a
minute to complete.

The MAMP will not interfere with a user’s system configuration, nor will an
existing installation of Apache/MySQL be affected by the MAMP: both systems
can run in parallel. The MAMP can be conveniently uninstalled simply by
deleting the MAMP folder.

webEdition has a tradition of in-house software development for Mac OS:
before the initial release of its web content management software (CMS) in
November 2001, webEdition’s parent company, Astarte New Media, had already
proven its expertise with its CD burning software, Toast, and its DVD
authoring tool, DVDirector. Today the webEdition CMS is one of the few
systems that can be deployed on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

The MAMP by webEdition is available free at:

About webEdition Software Ltd.

webEdition Software Ltd.,, a subsidiary of
webEdition Software GmbH, was founded in early 2004 with the aim of
supporting and marketing the webEdition content management system (CMS) in
North America. The webEdition CMS was first developed by Astarte New Media
AG, which established an outstanding reputation as a software development
company with such products as CD recording software, Toast, and DVDirector,
for the Macintosh markets. Since its introduction in November of 2001, more
than 7500 licenses of the webEdition CMS have been installed in over 20
countries worldwide. Licensed webEdition users include Internet and
multimedia service providers, systems houses, and small and medium-sized
businesses, institutions and manufacturers.