Canto announces release of Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 and Web Publisher Pro

The customizable Cumulus Options enable Digital Asset Management over
Intranet and Internet

April 5, 2005 – San Francisco, Berlin. Canto, the global leader in Digital
Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced the immediate
availability of Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 and Web Publisher Pro 2.0.1.
Designed for users who do not merely publish their assets but also intend
to use them for marketing and generating business, these options are
compatible with Cumulus 6.5. Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 is a component of
the Cumulus Business Server Solution and Cumulus Enterprise. Web Publisher
Pro 2.0.1 is a component of the Cumulus Publishing Server Solution.

Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 and Web Publisher Pro 2.0.1 enable users to
publish their media on dynamic web pages allowing remote teams and
customers around the world to comfortably search for images and other
documents within Cumulus catalogs using standard Web browsers.
Compatibility with all Web browsers is ensured as the category tree is
realized by a Java implementation at the server resulting in an HTML
output. Customers can search, sort and select items and finally place them
in a collection basket. Valuable features such as sorting across several
catalogs simultaneously, customizable Quicksearch and searching within
category fields remain key features of the updates. The integrated ordering
system enables users to choose a preferred method of asset delivery, be it
download, email or physical fulfilment, e.g. CD-ROM.

With Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 users, according to their user rights, can
also catalog new assets, assign assets to new categories, edit and update
stored metadata or check-in and check-out assets for local processing
without having to install additional software.

The upgraded Internet Options now allow the use of various Cumulus 6.5
authentication capabilities. User authentication can be based on passwords
stored in the built-in authentication method or an LDAP server, on system
passwords (e.g. domain passwords), and with the new authentication API,
even on any other authentication system.

Like all Option Updates, Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 and Web Publisher Pro
2.0.1 offer significantly enhanced performance and stability. They are
based on Cumulus Java Classes. Web pages with very high traffic reveal the
real power of this technology as response time becomes extremely fast.

Cumulus Internet Options can be used right out of the box yet are also
extremely flexible and completely customizable using high-end HTML editors.
They ship with Tomcat 4.1.30 Web application server and is compatible with
Tomcat 5 and other Web application servers, such as WebSphere 5.1.
Integration with Macromedia Dreamweaver is perfect as the existing
possibilities like Custom-Java-Tags and online reference are fully

Pricing and Availability
Internet Client Pro 2.0.1 and Web Publisher Pro 2.0.1 are immediately
available for download from Canto’s eShop at or from a Canto
Sales partner. They ship with English, German, French and Japanese user
interface on Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux platforms. Upgrades for
existing Internet Option installations 1.x will be offered at attractive
rates. Upgrades for existing Internet Options 2.0 are free. Customers who
have bought Upgrade Advantage (UAP) receive the upgrade of their Internet
Option for free.

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