MadeToPrint XT for QuarkXPress 6.x and Mac OS X launched

Automatic Preflight: pdfInspektor2 CLI for being integrated

callas MadeToPrint XT now supports Quark XPress 6.x with Mac OS X (the
Windows 2000/XP version will be shipping by the end of April). The XTension
allows saving print settings as repeatable jobs. It eliminates the need of
configuring and double checking output settings over and over again – and
makes the extension an indispensable tool for users having to print or to
PDF/EPS/PostScript-export more than ten XPress files a day. Upgrades (from
MadeToPrint XT for XPress 3-5) can be purchased until 30th of September
2005 for a special price of 219 EURO – just contact callas or one of our
resellers. The price for the full version is still 349 EURO. And in case
large quantities of XPress files have to be processed: MadeToPrint XT is
also available as hotfolder based auto version now (2.490 EURO), allowing
to speed up production processes in workflow environments.


pdfInspektor2 Command Line Interface (CLI) version offers the same range of
features as the Adobe Plug-In version – but does not require Adobe Acrobat
for processing and can be integrated very easily into other solutions or
workflows. pdfInspektor2 CLI has especially been designed for system
integrators and administrators looking for ways to automate the
preflighting of PDF documents in combination with web portals or other
software applications. Companies having to deal with large numbers of ad
copies frequently, like PrintOnline in Switzerland or NADA in Norway use
pdfInspektor2 CLI very succesfully to realize PDF preflighting directly
from within their web services. pdfInspektor2 CLI is available for Mac OS X
as well as for Windows 2000/XP, a test version can be downloaded free of


callas is going to participate in two upcoming publishing events. We will
be presenting our latest state-of-the-art PDF-Plug-Ins and Output
Management solutions at the Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conference in
Orlando/Florida (from 19th to 21st of April) as well as at Poligrafia in
Poznan/Poland (from 18th to 22nd of April). Publishers, Printers, Prepress
Experts and everybody else interested in callas and callas products are
invited – we are looking forward to meeting you!

More information about these events: and