Detroit Free Press tech writer Mike Wendland calls Apple’s iMac G5 the finest personal computer he has ever used and says that it’s a “deal-clincher” for those looking to make the switch from Windows. “I’m a little late with this review of the new G5 iMac from Apple. It’s been out nearly a month now, and I’ve dragged my feet in writing this. That’s because the evaluation unit I’ve been testing has to be returned when the review is printed,” writes Wendland. “This new iMac is so elegant, so efficient and so enjoyable to use that I’ve wanted to hold on to it for as long as possible. The new G5 iMac is the finest personal computer I’ve ever used, hands down. Nothing comes close. If you have ever thought of switching from a Windows-based PC to a Mac, this is the deal-clincher. It is simply a stunning machine both to look at and to use.”