CodeWarrior for Mac OS, Professional Edition
Version 8.0

Industry’s #1 Professional Development Tool Suite
Coming May 31, 2002

Only CodeWarrior Development Tools for Mac OS, v8 unleashes your
imagination to develop applications faster and easier with the true
flexibility you need to speed your time to market.

The CodeWarrior tools for Mac OS include a feature-rich integrated
development environment (IDE) that enables you to build applications for
both Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS. And, you can choose from two
object-oriented class libraries: Metrowerks PowerPlant or Apple’s Cocoa. In
fact, you can use this powerful CodeWarrior tool suite to build any code
based on C, C++, Objective-C, or Java.

The CodeWarrior IDE has everything you need in one easy-to-use tool suite:
an advanced project manager, build system, source code editor, code
completion for C, C+ + and Java, compilers, linkers, debuggers, class
browser, and more. Best of all, CodeWarrior tools for Mac OS, v8 is from
Metrowerks, the choice of serious application developers around the world.

CodeWarrior Development Tool suite for Mac OS, v8 enables you to build:

=B7 Carbon-based applications for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X
=B7 PowerPlant applications for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X
=B7 Cocoa applications for Mac OS X
=B7 Java applets, applications and beans for Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X
=B7 Classic Mac OS applications


Code Completion for C, C ++, and Java- Write code faster without the need
to look up hard-to-remember functions and symbols, using the code
completion feature.

PowerPlant, the most powerful C++ Framework for Mac OS- Save time and
effort by leveraging Metrowerks PowerPlant C++ class library that provides
standard services and infrastructure for all Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS

Cocoa Framework and Interface Builder- Quickly design and build the user
interface for your Cocoa and Carbon applications. Apple Interface Builder
and the CodeWarrior IDE work hand-in-hand.

New Mach-O Linker- The CodeWarrior linker built from the ground up
completely supports Mach-O for improved speed, smaller executables, and
better debugging support.

Automatic Package Management- The CodeWarrior IDE has automated the process
of application packaging so your able to quickly and easily organize your
Mac OS X bundles.

Java RAD Tools- Write less code, build easier-to-use software, and complete
your projects faster with our Java Rapid Applications Tools.

Cross-Platform Development- Build applications for both Mac OS and Windows
within one development environment. CodeWarrior tools for cross-platform
development minimizes code changes between platforms and supports multiple
development environments on a single platform.

Class Browser- Instantly look up the definition or implementation of any
symbol in your project using the CodeWarrior Class Browser.

Multimedia and Programming Tutorials- CodeWarrior tools for Mac OS
tutorials provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the CodeWarrior
IDE and how to program in C, C+ +, and Java.