The (in)famous Hess Memorial Macworld Events web site rises up through the
dust barely left by the creative Macworld Expo NY to once again populate
its page with press conferences, parties, author signings, and user group

The Hess Memorial Macworld Events and Party Page for Macworld Expo San
Francisco (Jan 5 – 9) is the ONLY comprehensive source of events. Even if
you don’t go to the show, check the list for related Internet events.
There’s no reason to be left out just because you’re not in San Francisco!
I made the list, so you should check it twice.

Look for the parties and events at:
http://www.ilenesmachine.com/partylist.shtml (– Link here

http://www.ilenesmachine.com/partyregis.html (– user registration
for Ilene’s Machine notices

Please send any any scheduled events, press conferences, or product
information for the page by Monday, Jan. 5th. Please email to
ilenesmachine-at-comcast.net (replace -at- with @). You can still reach me
at ileneh@ilenesmachine.com or ileneh@mac.com, but AOL, attbi.com, and
mediaone.net are gone. Please DO NOT publish my email on the web, as I’m
getting spammed to death!

Now in its eighth year (15th show), the Hess MacWorld Events list is *the
only* source for every event and press function held during MacWorld Expo
week. It is also *the only* web site with pass-along readership!

YOU can help support the list by clicking the contributions link in the
navigation bar on the left. Send a contribution and maybe receive a rare
party invitation! If you use the list, your help is sorely needed by way of

Companies are encouraged to post a product announcement, contests, and cool
booth events along with a small contribution. Please send a 2-line
description and booth number so that users can get a head start on the best
booths to visit. A $15 contribution is requested for these listings and a
contributions link is on the page.

Special thanks go out to Bare Bones Software, Small Dog Electronics and
EazyDraw for supporting the party list this year! Please support these

These pages are made possible by my dancing fingers and your generous
support. Banner spots are still available, so please call today for more

The author, Ilene Hoffman, is a Macintosh/Internet Consultant and Writer.
This events list was adopted when the original author, MacWeek writer
Robert Hess, passed away. It is a memorial and tribute to his hard work in
Macintosh community. Services are delivered free to users and supported by
your contributions. Special thanks to Bare Bones Software who has supported
these efforts for the longest time. Ilene Hoffman is available for writing,
PR, marketing, and consulting assignments.

Ilene is available to tackle any of your writing, public relations or
Macintosh support needs.