Maxum Development’s Popular Web Server Extension, NetCloak, Gets Updated
and Integrated into iAssist, Gaining Performance, Reliability, and Full Web
Service Installation and Management Capabilities.

Crystal Lake, Illinois (December 30, 2003) – Maxum Development Corp. is
pleased to announce that NetCloak functionality is now part of the
company’s newest Internet server management tool, iAssist. At the same
time, iAssist has also expanded to include functions for installing and
managing Apache 2, complete with support for SSL and Virtual Hosting.

iAssist provides graphical, remote installation and control of a variety of
Open Source Internet services, including Web proxy, Secure Shell, SSL
Tunneling, and others. To this list, Maxum has now added the Apache 2 Web
server, allowing network administrators to install and manage a Web server
with a Mac-like interface from their own desktop. This remote installation
includes the latest FastCGI build and a brand-new FastCGI release of
NetCloak, enabling NetCloak functionality to be added to a Web server with
a few mouse-clicks.

Because Maxum has created a new FastCGI interface for NetCloak, the new
release is also compatible with existing FastCGI-compliant servers,
including WebStar V. And iAssist is also capable of installing and
configuring FastCGI onto existing Apache 1.3 servers, such as Apple’s Mac
OS X Server, allowing NetCloak to be installed and run on all popular Mac
OS X-based Web servers.

All NetCloak customers, including those that purchased NetCloak as far back
as NetCloak’s initial release in 1994, are eligible for an upgrade to
iAssist for only $99. The upgrade to iAssist offer, which expires on
February 20, 2004, includes a full iAssist license for a single workstation
to manage up to 2 servers, with support for all of iAssist’s security and
varied Internet service functions. NetCloak will no longer be listed as a
separate product on Maxum’s price list.

Founded in 1991, Maxum Development became the first company to ship
commercial Internet products for the Macintosh when it released NetCloak
and NetForms in 1994. Since that time, Maxum has continued to innovate with
a series of unique, widely acclaimed Internet server products.