May 10, 1997

Blue World Communications, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of
Lasso 2.0b1. Lasso 2.0b1 is the first beta release of Blue World’s 2.0
version of Lasso, the powerful CGI/Plugin for web-enabling and now
java-enabling Claris FileMaker Pro databases for Macintosh.

Lasso 2.0 introduces a host of features commonly found by combining various
CGI/plugins costing hundreds of dollars more. A rich feature set positions
Lasso as much more than simply a Web database enabling solution, but,
distinguishes Lasso as a powerful dynamic web publishing tool.

New features in version 2.0 include the following:

– Java-enable FileMaker Pro: Java developers can use the provided
set of Java Classes for creating applets and applications which serve as
dynamic front-ends to FileMaker Pro.

– Built-in Image Conversion: Lasso now converts PICTs stored within
FileMaker Pro databases to GIF and JPEG on-the-fly without relying on
clip2gif. (No need for separate image conversion package!)

– Enhanced Performance: Optimized code and file caching boost
performance above Lasso’s already blazing fast speed.

– Enhanced IF/THEN/ELSE Conditionals: Sophisticated comparisons
allow powerful dynamic content controls and even more flexible HTML

– Inline Database Actions: Combine various routines from/to
different database sources with the new [inline] command. Now one may
process multiple Lasso actions, branching to various functions or batch
operations, all from within a single format file.

– Built-in Logging: With the [log] command, one may fully configure
and save various transaction routines to specified log files or when used
with the [inline] command, log all activity to targeted “log” databases.
(No need for separate logging package!)

– Lasso as Action: Lasso can now be set as the action for a
particular file suffix. Among other capabilities, this allows one to serve
all pages in an entire website through Lasso actions, thereby benefiting by
Lasso’s rich Server Side Include (SSI) capabilities.

– Send Apple Events: Lasso can now send specific Apple Events to
target applications. A forthcoming example will provide seamless tie-ins to
MacAuthorize for credit card authentication.

– Enhanced Portals: Related records, including subsequent rows, can
now be added or updated through portals.

– Networked Format Files Access: Now Lasso can access format files
stored anywhere on one’s AppleTalk network.

Detailed information regarding Lasso 2.0 and links to download version
2.0b1 are available from the Lasso 2.0 website at

No information regarding the final Lasso 2.0 release date and pricing is
available at this time. Please direct all sales or product inquiries to The current shipping version of Lasso is version 1.2
which is available direct from Blue World at $349 (full package version)
and $299 (electronically downloadable version) or through select resellers

Lasso is a product of Blue World Communications, Inc. All other products
mentioned are property of their respective holders.

Bill Doerrfeld
Blue World Communications, Inc.