SpamSieve 2.0 is now available.

SpamSieve gives you back your inbox by bringing powerful Bayesian spam
filtering to popular e-mail clients. It learns what your spam looks
like, so it can block nearly all of it. It looks at your address book
and learns what your good messages look like, so it won’t confuse
them with spam. Other spam filters get worse over time as spammers
adapt to their rules; SpamSieve actually gets better over time as you
train it with more messages. SpamSieve doesn’t delete any
messages–it only marks them in your e-mail client–so
you’ll never lose any mail. SpamSieve works with any number of
mail accounts, of whatever types are supported by your e-mail software
(e.g. POP, IMAP, Hotmail, AOL).

New in this Version:

* SpamSieve now extracts a lot more information from each message.
This makes it much more accurate and also makes it learn faster.

* Now integrates with Eudora 6 (Sponsored or Paid) via a plug-in. It
can now process every incoming Eudora message and can be trained
using the Junk and Not Junk commands in Eudora’s Message menu.

* SpamSieve now has a blocklist and a whitelist. These are
automatically maintained based on the senders of messages that
SpamSieve is trained with. The blocklist makes sure that all
messages from known spammers are caught and speeds processing for
these messages. The whitelist lets you be sure that certain
messages will never be marked as spam; this was possible before,
but now you don’t have to clutter your address book with addresses
from online retailers, etc.

* You can now control how conservative or aggressive SpamSieve is at
catching spam.

* SpamSieve can now play a sound or bounce its Dock icon after a
batch of non-spam messages has arrived. This is meant to replace
your e-mail client’s new mail notification, which you don’t want
going off if all the new messages are spam.

* Shows the number of new good messages in the Dock icon.

* Now parses HTML so that it can better extract relevant information
from HTML messages, and also handle various HTML-based tricks that
spammers use to fool filters.

* New method of calculating word probabilities makes SpamSieve
better at discerning which words in the message are important.

* Includes a corpus of seed spam, to jump-start spam recognition for
users who do not have many saved spam messages.

* The corpus is now stored in databases rather than in a property
list. This makes it launch faster and use much less memory, as the
corpus doesn’t have to be all in RAM at the same time.

* The statistics file format (for History.db) has changed in order
to enable performance improvements and more statistical displays
in future versions.

* Handles more types of plain text obfuscations, and is much faster
at undoing them.

* Added option for the address book whitelist to only use other
people’s addresses, so that spam messages from your own address
don’t match the whitelist.

* Can mark all messages with Habeas headers as good.

* Can mark all messages with some variant of “ADV” at the start of
the subject as spam.

* Can mark all base64-encoded HTML messages as spam.

* New probability combiner increases accuracy.

* Complete Change List:

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later (10.2.6 recommended)
Price: $25; free update for owners of previous versions
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Contact: Michael Tsai (