Softhing released the new version of Entourage Email Archive X 4 with
support to the new Entourage 2008 and IMAP accounts.

EEAX 4.x works on OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) with Microsoft Entourage 2008.

Previous EEAX 3.x is available for Tiger/Leaopard users with Entourage 2004.

Download latest EEAX 4.0.0 from:

VersionTracker OS X/14011


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If you have any comment, suggestion, feature request, please contact

New features are actually in development for future EEAX 4 updates (free
for Registered Users).

Upgrade from EEAX 3.x is available to KAGI online order page:

* What’s new in Entourage Email Archive X 4.0.0
EEAX version 4 is now compatible with latest Entourage 2008 and runs only
with Leopard.

In additions to POP and Exchange, EEAX now handle IMAP accounts. During
archive/export if a errors are encountered, a suffix _err is appended to
name of log session (e.g. YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_err.txt)

EEAX is bundled with the freeware SpotInside: enclosed you find latest release.

Minors changes to interface.

Successfully tested with latest 10.5.2

Softhing Support