GizMac Accessories, a designer and manufacturer of a product line of
computer equipment racks, has announced details on their upcoming
Studio Rack version of the XRackPro2.

With years of success from the noise reduction design of the
XRackPro2 server rack product line, GizMac has created the Studio
Rack, according to Ken Vitto, director of marketing for GizMac
Accessories. The Studio Rack version of the XRackPro2 is designed
specifically for studios, home theater or other applications that
don’t require deep equipment. The reduced depth of the new XRackPro2
Studio Rack will provide a solution for environments with limited

Studio Rack is a solution for reducing noise of audio and video gear,
computers, storage, back up, networking and other systems that have a
small chassis depth. In addition to noise reduction, the Studio Rack
also includes air filtration, added security and portability features
not found on most other racks on the market. Filtered air, key
locking doors and built-in wheels provide the added benefits that
save money and time on top of noise reduction, says Vitto.

By reducing noise levels, the Studio Rack allows audio/video,
computer, network and other equipment to be placed in areas that
require low noise. This includes: studios for post production editing
of film, video and audio; television, cable and radio broadcasting or
any other environments that need reduced noise levels.

Pricing for the 12U XRackPro2 Studio Rack is expected to be US$1,899
retail in the U.S. when pre-orders start. An international version
will also be available. Additional details can be found on GizMac
Accessories XRackPro web site (