New Integrated Solution Improves Applications by Providing a Richer
End-User Experience

SAN DIEGO =96 June 10, 2003 =96 eHelp=99 Corporation, a worldwide leader in
award-winning software since 1990, today announced the availability of
RoboHelp=AE Studio, a powerful suite that combines RoboHelp, the industry
standard in Help authoring, and RoboDemo=AE, the best-selling tutorial
software for creating Flash-based tutorials without having to learn Flash.
RoboHelp Studio delivers a powerful one-stop solution for building superior
Help systems for desktop applications (Windows, Mac and Linux) and
Web-based applications that feature animated, interactive tutorials. By
enabling developers and writers to easily create and add RoboDemo tutorials
to their Help system, RoboHelp Studio empowers them to take their Help
systems to the next level.

“RoboDemo is an amazing tool that requires little to no learning curve and
far outshines the competition,” said Joan Lynn, Technical Writer for
Teamplate Inc. “The integration with RoboHelp is quick and slick and
provides the power to deliver interactive training tutorials within Help

With RoboHelp Studio, technical writers and software developers can quickly
create dynamic, interactive Help systems that provide a richer, more
satisfying end-user experience and ultimately improve the usability of
their applications. By blending RoboHelp Office and RoboDemo, RoboHelp
Studio offers the following benefits:

=B7 Create Professional Help Systems =96 RoboHelp Studio allows technical
writers and developers to easily create Help systems for desktop and
Web-based applications. Users can choose from a variety of authoring
environments such as Microsoft Word, the powerful built-in HTML editor, or
any popular HTML editor. Additionally, RoboHelp Studio allows the import of
existing content from Word, FrameMaker, HTML projects or existing Help
projects. =B7 Enhance Help systems with Compelling, Audio-Visual Tutorials =
While a standard Help system is adequate for people who are comfortable
following detailed written instructions, end-users may prefer to learn
visually, or even by listening. Help systems created with RoboHelp Studio
give the end-user new options on how to use software or Web applications. =
Simplify Complex Information with Easy to Understand Visuals =96 With
RoboHelp Studio, software developers and technical writers can supplement
step-by-step instructions in their Help system with an animated “Show Me
How” demonstration. =B7 Deliver a More Satisfying User Experience =96 With
RoboHelp Studio, developers can use RoboDemo tutorials to leverage the
remarkable efficiency of visual instruction. They can also give their Help
system a personalized, human appeal by adding audio voice-overs to their
tutorials. The result is a richer, more satisfying experience for the

About RoboHelp Studio
RoboHelp Studio is a powerful authoring suite that combines RoboHelp, the
industry standard in Help authoring, and RoboDemo, tutorial software that
makes it easy to create interactive tutorials and demos that can be easily
integrated into a Help system. RoboHelp Studio is designed for technical
writers and software developers who want to take their Help system to the
next level Unlike typical Help systems, Help systems created with RoboHelp
Studio provide end-users with visual step-by-step tutorials that complement
text-based instructions. Developers and writers can easily create
professional Help systems for desktop and Web-based applications, including
=2ENET. Users can output these Help systems into any standard Help format
including formats that can run on any popular platform or browser. RoboHelp
Studio offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of authoring
environments such as Microsoft Word, the powerful built-in HTML editor, or
any popular HTML editor.

Platforms Supported by RoboHelp Studio
The Help systems and tutorials generated with RoboHelp Studio can run on
the Web, Windows from Microsoft Corp., MAC OS X from Apple Computer Inc.,
Linux on IBM Corp. and other flavors of Linux. In addition, RoboDemo
tutorials run on handheld devices supporting Flash from Macromedia, Inc.,
such as Nokia.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for RoboHelp Studio starts at $798 (USD) and is now available. For
more information, contact eHelp Corporation at Tel: 1-800-459-2356
(U.S./Canada), +1 858-847-7900 (worldwide), Web site:,

About eHelp Corporation
Founded in 1990, eHelp Corporation (formerly Blue Sky Software) is a
worldwide leader in providing award-winning software. eHelp’s software
products reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction by
dramatically improving the usability of desktop and Web-based applications,
intranets and Web sites. As the industry standard in Help authoring,
RoboHelp provides the foundation to more than 250 million online Help and
user assistance systems currently in use around the world. eHelp’s products
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