iTwin ( has introduced an USB device that enables users to access, share and edit all their files and media from anywhere in the world now. It’s available for Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7.

iTwin provides plug-and-play simplicity, while protecting the user’s files by utilizing end-to-end, military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication, according to Lux Anantharaman, co-founder and CEO of iTwin. iTwin users don’t pay monthly subscription fees for file access.

Since iTwin is only limited by the size of a computer’s hard drive, users can access any or all their files, for the rest of their life, for a one-time price of US$99, says Anantharaman.

“We have been working to improve iTwin, for both consumers and small businesses,” he adds. “Now with OS X support, iTwin users will be able to use iTwin with their Macs too.”