FirewireDirect has announced the UltraBURN II Plus, a new DVD burner that includes write support for the “widest variety of DVD media formats of any drive currently available.” It is offered in FireWire (US$449) and Combo FireWire/USB 2.0 ($479) versions, and “goes a step beyond the widely available DVD-RW burning devices currently available by providing support for DVD+R and +RW media as well, making this drive the most functional FireWire DVD product available.” The drive writes and reads in the following formats and speeds: DVD+RW (rewrites 2.4x), DVD-RW (rewrites 2x), DVD+R (writes 2.4x), DVD-R (writes 4x), and DVD-ROM (reads 8x). The Plus also supports CD burning, supporting CD-RW (rewrite 10x), CD-R (writes 24x) and CD-ROM (reads 32x). FirewireDirect also offers only the internal drive for $415.