For Immediate Release

BasePlant 2.0 set to resurrect PowerPlant

ROSEMERE, Canada – August 26, 2002. Cafederic is proud to announce the
release of BasePlant 2.0, a collection of more than 300 classes to enhance
PowerPlant=81, the flagship framework from Metrowerks.

Among the new features for this release, you will see:

* Assistants
* Full sheet support
* Custom toolbars (like in Mac OS X Finder) and custom floating toolbars
* Color Picker support with live updates
* Preferences dialog with one line of code (at least in most cases)
* Web resource checker (e.g. for software updates)
* New helpers for easy drag and drop support
* Generic shortcut keys editor dialog (something like the one of
* New panes and controls
* Live dragging of windows (both Mac OS 9 and X) with snapping for tool
window (like the ones from Adobe and Macromedia software)
* Display Manager and Mac OS X Dock aware
* Layout management of window positions and size relative to each others
and the screen resolution
* Carbon event loop timer

“If you are like me, you probably feel that Metrowerks has stopped to
innovate with their framework a few years ago”, says =C9ric Forget, owner of
Cafederic. “BasePlant doesn’t just try to keep PowerPlant alive, it gives
new energy to it!”

The list of BasePlant’s attributes is too long for a press release, but
some of its other key features include:

* Data Browser
* Folder Parser
* AppleScript
* AppleEvents Wrapper
* Preferences Manager (global and/or per document)
* Starting Point to manage multiple types of document applications
* Window Enhancements

plus a whole lot more.


$149 For commercial, in-house development

$35 For personal* freeware and shareware

* Not affiliated with a company in any way.

BasePlant is available right now from the Cafederic web site.:

About Cafederic
Cafederic began about eight years ago to enhance PowerPlant while
developing true applications. Its talented developers are dedicated to
boosting Mac=AE OS development through the creation of innovative and
powerful tools.