Systeris 0.9b5 for Macintosh Released

PALM BEACH, FL – Aug. 27, 2002 — Rampell Software, LLC has released the
first public beta of Systeris Remote for Macintosh. Systeris Remote allows
users to remotely access and control Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft
Outlook, iTunes, and even AppleScript, all via a standard web browser.

With Systeris Remote installed on a user’s home computer, the same user can
remotely access all of the Entourage/Outlook Express data on that computer
from anywhere in the world. Using any web browser on any platform, a user
can check appointments, read and send e-mails, look up phone numbers,
review tasks—anything that can be done with Entourage or Outlook Express.
For instance, a message sent from a web browser connected to Systeris
Remote will actually be sent via Entourage/Outlook Express, and the message
will be saved to the Sent Items folder. Systeris Remote also provides
access to iTunes, and supports the execution of custom AppleScripts through
its web interface. Systeris Remote is different from most “webmail” systems
in that it allows users to access data on their own personal computers, and
is a full remote control for Entourage and Outlook Express.

Once Systeris Remote is installed on a user’s computer, a user may access
his data through Systeris Remote by entering his computer’s IP address,
along with username and password, into a web browser, or by using a service
called Instead of remembering an IP address, a user can login
to with his username and password, and will
automatically be forwarded to his computer’s current IP address. This is
especially useful for computers with “dynamic” IP addresses.

Systeris Remote requires Mac OS 10.1 or higher; a broadband internet
connection is recommended for optimal speed but is not necessary. A 10-day
trial version of Systeris Remote (including is available at
Rampell Software’s website, The full version of
Systeris Remote can be purchased for $22 US, and includes 6 months of free
access to

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