Metrowerks CodeWarrior Patches and Updates
CodeWarrior Development Tools For Mac OS, v8.2 Update
Release date: 8/26/2002

The CodeWarrior Development Tools for Mac OS, v8.2 update is a maintenance
release of MSL, Debugger, Java RAD, Support folders, Stationery, Targeting
Mac OS documentation, and Compilers and Command Line Tools. The 8.2 update
is necessary for working on Mac OS X 10.2. This update should only be
applied to a CodeWarrior Development Tools For Mac OS, v8.0 or v8.1

Complete release notes can be found at

Installation Notes

This release includes an installer that will update the appropriate version
8.0 or 8.1 components to version 8.2. After installing we strongly
recommend that you rebuild all of your pre-compiled headers and libraries
to take full advantage of the patched components. Please read
‘BuildLibraries Release Note.txt’ in the MSL Release Notes folder from your
original installation for instructions on how to rebuild your libraries.

Mac OS X 10.2 Notes

If you update to 8.2 with Mac OS 10.0 or 10.1, and then later update to Mac
OS X 10.2 we recommend that you rebuild your libraries again under 10.2 as
some system headers have changed.

Please download the Macintosh Pro 8.2 Update (21.3 MB) from

For a complete list of bugs fixed in this release, please read the
corresponding release notes in the release notes folder after installation
or download the release notes separately from the link above.