HEURIS Releases Import Plug-in for Adobe Premiere for Reading and Editing
DVD Video Recording (VR) Format and DVD Video Content

DVD ConnexIT=81 software allows users to import materials from DVD Recorders=
Multi Drives and Camcorders into Adobe Premiere for playback and editing.

ST. LOUIS, MO (August 26, 2002) – HEURIS, developer of the industry’s most
widely used professional MPEG encoder, MPEG Power Professional, today
announced that their new DVD ConnexIT software is now complete and
available for purchase on the World Wide Web. This powerful new import
plug-in for Adobe Premiere allows users to import materials from DVD
recorders (such as Panasonic’s E30 or T2020), DVD Multi drives (such as
Panasonic’s DVDBurnerII=AE) and camcorders (such as Panasonic’s DVD
Palmcorder=AE) for editing and export.

HEURIS’ DVD ConnexIT is a revolutionary new software product that allows
Adobe Premiere users to import, read and edit video in various DVD formats.
This is especially useful for those who own DVD recorders such as
Panasonic’s E30 series or their all new professional T3030 recorder. With
Heuris’ new DVD ConnexIT plug-in, users can simply take a disc out of their
DVD recorder and put it in the DVD Multi drive in their computer. The data
can be read instantly from the disc and edited in Adobe Premiere and then
exported to other desirable formats. Unencrypted DVD-Video discs may also
be imported, read and edited in Adobe Premiere with the DVD ConnexIT

“DVD ConnexIT demonstrates HEURIS’ commitment to support both consumer
electronic and computer products,” said Brian Quandt, President of HEURIS.
“With DVD ConnexIT, the consumer can very easily move video data from DVD
recorders and camcorders to DVD Multi drives-without cables and without

Pricing and Availability
DVD ConnexIT is currently available for $249 at www.heuris.com.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, HEURIS has served as a leading
manufacturer of video compression and processing tools and applications for
over a decade. From the Internet, to DVD, to HDTV to Hollywood
Movies–HEURIS has developed an impressive group of award-winning tools for
video production and post production applications.

Perhaps best known for its award-winning MPEG Power Professional Line of
software products, HEURIS has recently released two new products for the
Hollywood Market: a Digital Dailies solution developed in conjunction with
partner Cohen Communications and MPEG Power Professional-D-Cinema used to
encode High Definition pictures for display in movie theaters.

In addition to such major motion picture studios as MGM, HEURIS proudly
includes the following as its customers: NASA, Walt Disney, Sea World,
Apple Computers, The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel in Las
Vegas, Taco Bell Corporation, The Home Depot, AT & T Labs, IBM, Boeing,
Vanderbilt University, Boston Museum of Science and the U.S. Military. More
information about HEURIS Logic is available at www.heuris.com.