CTM Development is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
PowerMail 2.0.2. Your are receiving this message because you once expressed
some interest in our new email application for Macintosh.

All pending orders have been already been shipped electronically. If you
need immediate access to the commercial release of PowerMail in order to
continue working, you can now purchase it for US$49, directly from:


// Demo version now available:

If you just want to try out PowerMail (“kicking the tires”) we now have a
demonstration version which is NOT time-limited: you may use it as long as
you wish. Download it from:


The only restriction is that whenever a PowerMail database contains more
than 200 items, PowerMail Demo will not allow you to add new messages to
the database; you will at that point need to empty some messages from the
database or create a new PowerMail files folder.

The advantage of this scheme is that it lets you experiment on a large
numbers of messages imported from Eudora files or fetched over POP, as long
as you are starting from a fresh file.

// Site license quotes:

In order to find out – at no obligation- about our reasonable, personalized
multi-user pricing, please visit http://www.ctmdev.com/sales.shtml.

// Localized versions of PowerMail:

The english-language version of PowerMail is usable around the world in
most languages and script systems (single/double byte, etc…). In
addition, we are investigating the translation of the PowerMail application
into French, Japanese and German initially. Do let us know if you have
viable needs for other translations into these and other languages.

// The future:

Our development team is already hard at work on the next major release of
PowerMail; our plan is to offer a true and living alternative email client
for Mac OS. As always, we welcome your input.

Best regards,

the PowerMail team