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PHOENIX. July 8, 2002. They have said that a picture is worth a thousand
words, but it’s worth more! Imagine looking at a report with a long list of
numbers and trying to ascertain your expenses. And your boss wants some
immediate decisions. Or your company has been doing really well and you
would like to know who to reward for their efforts. Having a picture of the
data is so valuable, and it is what people call data visualization.

Typically you would need to export the data and use another application to
prepare the chart/report. What if the data changes, and what if you don’t
have another application, and what if you don’t have the luxury of time on
your side?

Waves in Motion has the solution in more ways than one. Our plug-in will
allow you to integrate charting right into your solution, at an incredibly
low price. Purchase only what chart type you need and save a great deal of
money. Each chart type comes with specific documentation dealing with that
chart type as well as a functional reference database, and simplified and
easy to follow examples.

Our Pie Charts download comes with an example of preparing charts in Sub
Summary reports. Every time you run this report you can automatically
prepare charts that will also appear alongside the information on the

( )

“Powerful graphing capabilities; necessary addition for anyone interested
in graphing in FMP.” – Jeffery Battersby, Macworld 2001

“I have always been fascinated at how quickly a chart can tell me the whole
story with just a glance. It’s like having a valuable assistant.” –
Vincenzo P. Menanno, President – Waves in Motion

oAzium charts plug-in for FileMaker is available for Microsoft Windows (98
– 2000) and Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X.

We have included several example files to help point you in the right
direction. However, if you find this a bigger challenge than you were
expecting, just give us a call. It won’t take our resident experts long to
integrate charting into your files. Before you know it, you’ll be looking
at your data in a whole new way!

You can buy them by the slice for just $ 9.00 ea, or you can purchase the
full set for $ 69.00 and save 15%. Call us today and we’ll help you find
just the chart type you need.

Waves in Motion is the developer of a growing collection of FileMaker
solutions and plug-ins, including eAuthorize, oAzium Charts, The Analyzer,
and The Dragon Web Surveys. They are active members of the FileMaker
Solution Alliance and the Apple Developer Program, and have been consulting
and developing FileMaker solutions since 1990.