Virtual Programming ( has released Brain Jogging
for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game costs US$9.99 and is
available at the Apple App Store.

How’s how the game is described: “Strap yourself down in the hot seat
of a high performance aircraft and get ready for a true adrenaline
rush. Clusterball Arcade is a fast paced action game played in third
person. In Clusterball Arcade your objective is to collect balls from
ramps and score them through ring shaped checkpoints.

“Success is highly dependent on your skill to avoid obstacles and
hazards that come rushing towards you. Grab power ups and time balls
to get an extra advantage in order to complete the stages. Play 10
gradually more demanding stages in real life locations such as
Monument Valley, Halong Bay and Bering Strait. Flying fast and
playing well will set you up nicely for the Final Stage, if you got
the balls to reach it that is.”