Aquafadas ( has
released VideoPier and VideoPier HD 1.1. The
VideoPier family of products is aimed at
videographers who own MPEG-2 or AVCHD camcorders
and who struggle with these video formats on
their Mac.

VideoPier and VideoPier HD are designed to make
it very easy to transfer clips from these
camcorders to a central location on their Mac,
without requiring any conversion, without any
loss in quality. The clips appear grouped by
Events in the VideoPier user interface, ready to
be viewed, organized and converted to any format.

VideoPier handles data that has already been
copied to disk and will let you access all your
clips In addition, VideoPier HD lets you capture
HDV material directly from tape based HDV

VideoPier comes with ae set of export
functionality, to iMovie 06/08, iPhone, QuickTime
and Final Cut (VideoPier HD only).

Version 1.1:

° Adds support for the Elgato Turbo.264 encoding device;

° Adds support for a category of camcorders
recording their clips in QuicktTme format.
VideoPier will now let you import, visualize and
transcode these files;

° Adds a new version of FFMPEG. This version
improves playback and performance in the case of
AVCHD videos;

° Changes the installation path for FFMPEG. This
will require a new download of ffmpeg when you
start VideoPier 1.1 for the first time;

° Adds support for volume and site licenses.

VideoPier and VideoPier HD require Mac OS X
10.4.11 or higher. A single user license for
VideoPier is US$49, and VideoPier HD is $79.
Version 1.1 is a free update for registered users.