Raidon ( has launched its first generation of HyBrid RunneR, iR2420 internal storage devices. It utilizes the speed performance of SSD and large capacity of HDD. It’s based on RAID technology.

According to the folks at Raidon, the HyBrid RunnR provides optimum data access rate, while obtaining cost-effective capacity of HDD for instant backup or backup scheduling to secure the valuable data from the possibilities of SSD failures. What’s rmore, the remaining capacity other than the reserved SSD backup sectors from HDD will also be partitioned into an individual volume to provide an additional storage space.
SSD can be individually taken out as a portable storage on field, and upon return insert the original SSD back into the iH2420, which will automatically backup the existing data from SSD to HDD. If in the event that SSD is damaged, you can replace it with a new SSD and iH2420 will recover the original data from HDD to the newly replaced SSD.
The iH2420 is designed in a 3.5-inch HDD form factor with a metal texture and tray ejection to accommodate one 2.5-inch SSD and one 2.5-inch HDD, providing installation to any standard 3.5-inch HDD slots or floppy slots from a computer. Contact Raidon for pricing options.