Mike Murry is pleased to announce an update of REALdocbuilder.
REALdocbuilder is a utility for REALbasic developers that makes it easy to
generate HTML documentation for your REALbasic projects.

Just load a XML file of your project into REALdocbuilder and write the
documentation for each piece of your project. When you’re all done, build
the HTML file and you’re documentation is generated for you.

REALdocbuilder can be downloaded from (http://www.mikemurry.com/software/).

What’s new:
* Completely re-written (code and GUI).
* Now creates documentation for your entire project.
* Template based to make it easy to custom the generated HTML files.
* You can write your documentation in either WYSIWYG or HTML. WYSIWYG text
will then be converted to HTML.
* And many other changes…

This software and its source code is released under the GPL. You may use
the software or source code for any purpose as long as all code where a
major portion is derived from this code, is also released under the GPL.
The compiled code is free to use without guilt or persecution. If you would
like to contribute to my programming career, however, you can make a
contribution to me through Kagi at