New FileMaker Pro 6 delivers digital-image capture & import; and integrated
XML support for universal data exchange

XML import/export and new ease-of-use features make workgroups more
productive, creative

SANTA CLARA, CA – July 9, 2002 – Today FileMaker announced its new
FileMaker Pro 6 database software, featuring easier-than-ever templates and
tools, and a virtually limitless ability to gather, manage and share

New in FileMaker Pro 6 is the ability to easily import large numbers of
images from a folder into a database, and, on Mac OS X only, capture
digital images and image-data directly from cameras. Simplifying the steps
to add images extends the FileMaker lead in managing multimedia, and
enables even more creative databases.

With integrated XML (Extensible Markup Language) import and export,
FileMaker Pro 6 will deliver the benefits of virtually limitless
information exchange. The widespread support of XML standards means
FileMaker can integrate and exchange data with many applications, without
complex, costly converting of data between proprietary formats.

FileMaker Pro 6 users can, for example, retrieve data from XML-enabled Web
applications, import accounting data from QuickBooks, or query corporate
databases without using ODBC drivers. With XML export, FileMaker Pro 6
users can share information with users of other applications; for example,
exporting formatted FileMaker data in an email or into Microsoft Excel, or
document-authoring applications.

FileMaker today announced its enhanced FileMaker XML Central
(( to jumpstart
developers’ and power-users’ ability to create solutions reaping the
benefits of data exchange and application integration. Developers are
encouraged to download and contribute XSLT stylesheets in the new FileMaker
XSLT Library (see FileMaker XML Central press release).

More than 20 new templates for business, education and home deliver
“instant productivity” to benefit almost all FileMaker Pro 6 users. Users
and developers of FileMaker databases will save time and be more creative
with new features like format painter and customizable dialogs.

“The best just got better with FileMaker Pro 6,” said Dominique Goupil,
FileMaker president. “We’ve made it even easier for workgroups to manage
data with solutions ranging from digital image catalogs to accounting
systems to engineering projects. And integrated XML support greatly expands
the horizons for gathering data into FileMaker and sharing information
beyond the workgroup.”

“By adding XML support, FileMaker is proving it can continue to deliver
great benefit to corporate workgroups,” said Ron Schmelzer, senior analyst
with ZapThink, an XML industry analyst group. “FileMaker ease-of-use
combined with its rich XML support makes it an ideal platform for
workgroups who need to boost productivity while fitting in with corporate
IT environments.”

Customers praise FileMaker Pro 6 image capture and data exchange The New
England Medical Center’s Department of Emergency Medicine tracks patients
and lab services with six FileMaker Pro databases. Dr. Dan Ballin said the
new image capture feature in FileMaker Pro 6 will help streamline
cataloging of images.

“When I was taking pictures on slides I kept track of them by numbers
logged in a FileMaker Pro database,” said Dr. Ballin. “Image capture will
make it easy to store not only the images, but also exposure information
which is useful in learning and teaching others about medical photography.
FileMaker Pro 6 image capture will be extremely useful and will allow me to
do all this digitally.”

At Associated Press, systems manager Bob Weston uses FileMaker to serve
editorial databases to its subscribing news organizations.

“AP is using FileMaker Pro 6 and XML export to convert our data into ‘News
Industry Text Format,'” Weston said. “Once I’ve set up the templates, any
editor can put up a database that’s searchable over the Web. All you need
is a stylesheet, and FileMaker Pro 6 will automatically convert any data
into the NITF format. FileMaker Pro 6 is going to make my job a lot easier.”

For more comments from customers using FileMaker Pro 6, see

Easier than ever digital-image capture and import Running on Mac OS X,
FileMaker Pro 6 captures images and Exif image data (date and time,
exposure length, etc.) straight from a digital camera into a database.
Image capture does not require camera driver software, and recognizes the
cameras supported by Mac OS X

Importing digital images into a FileMaker database is as simple as a few
clicks. After downloading a “roll” of images from a digital camera to a
computer, a user can import all or some into a FileMaker database in a
single step, rather than one image at a time.

New FileMaker Professional Training
Today FileMaker also unveiled its new FileMaker Professional Training:
Foundation Series to empower developers with “how to” information and best
practices for designing and deploying real-world solutions. (See FileMaker
Professional Training press release.)

New products, same file format
FileMaker Pro 6 is available now for a suggested list price (SLP) of $299
(upgrade $149).

FileMaker Pro 6 shares the same file format as FileMaker Pro 5 and 5.5, so
FileMaker Pro 6 solutions work with FileMaker Server 5 and 5.5. The current
FileMaker Server software supports FileMaker Pro 5, 5.5 and 6.

FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited is available now, and is updated to include the
new FileMaker Pro 6. FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited enables publishing FileMaker
databases to an unlimited number of Web users over a corporate intranet or
the Internet.

With the FileMaker Pro 6 greatly enhanced access to data sources via XML
import, digital image capture, and batch import for text, image and movie
files, FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited users can now easily and quickly publish
rich data over the Web from more sources than ever before.

FileMaker Pro 6 Unlimited is available for an SLP of $999 ($499 upgrade for
licensed customers of FileMaker Pro 5 or 5.5 Unlimited). Volume license
pricing is available. Licensed customers of FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited may
be eligible for a $350 rebate when upgrading through Dec. 31, 2002.

FileMaker Developer 6, for creating professional FileMaker solutions,
includes the features of FileMaker Pro 6, script debugger, database design
report and developer tool. It is planned for availability in September 2002
($499 SLP, licensed customers of earlier versions of FileMaker Developer
may be eligible for a $100 rebate). For rebate details, see

System requirements
FileMaker Pro 6 is “Designed for Windows XP” logo certified, and runs on
Windows 2000, 98, NT 4.0 (Service Pack 6) and Me (Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000,
or XP required for Web Companion and ODBC features); and on Mac OS X, and
Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2 (Mac OS 8.6 or later required for Web Companion and
ODBC features). See
for complete system requirements.

FileMaker is a leader in workgroup databases and workgroup information
solutions. Unlike complex database software, the FileMaker intuitive
interface empowers knowledge workers to create and share rich solutions.
The award-winning FileMaker line of database software provides relational
power, instant and custom Web publishing and legendary ease-of-use.
FileMaker, Inc. is the database software subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc.

Customer Contact: 1-800-325-2747 (for information and to order).