Michael Hunson
Rampell Software, LLC

AlwaysONline 2.5 for Macintosh

PALM BEACH, FL – Feb. 2, 2002 — Rampell Software announces the
availability of AlwaysONline 2.5 for Macintosh. Designed for AOL users,
AlwaysONline effectively prevents America Online’s logoffs “due to
inactivity.” AlwaysONline automatically dismisses all of AOL’s timer
messages, and version 2.5 constantly transmits harmless bits of data to
AOL’s servers in order to keep an AOL connection active.

One of Rampell Software’s premier products, AlwaysONline has helped
countless numbers of AOL users remain online. Says user Chris Godfrey from
Milwaukee, WI: “AlwaysOnline is by far, hands down, without question, the
greatest and most useful shareware program ever developed. It makes AOL
worthwhile.” AlwaysONline 2.5 is the most effective version of AlwaysONline
to date, and greatly enhances the reliability of an AOL connection.

AlwaysONline is sold at a price of $15 ($10 for registered users), and is
available for download at:

AlwaysONline 2.5 is also available for free with the purchase of Spector
from Rampell Software; details are available after downloading AlwaysONline.

Rampell Software, LLC is located in Palm Beach, FL, and develops
productivity software—software that automates repetitive tasks and fixes
annoying problems present in computer use. Featured in numerous
publications, including Forbes, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times,
Rampell Software has hundreds of thousands of loyal users in over 40
countries. Its flagship product, AlwaysONline, has been downloaded by over
500,000 people and has received numerous accolades from users and critics
alike. For additional information on Rampell Software or its products,
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