Jining High School in China has equipped its senior students with iPads in a bid to replace textbooks and help students in their studies, reports “M.I.C. Gadgets” (http://macte.ch/l2cGc).

What’s more, the move had helped reduce the burden of school bags from at least five kg to less than one kg while saving book expenses by “thousands of yuan a year,” the article adds. However, the school is not allowing students to use social media on the iPads, according to Meng Qun, a teacher at the school who’s in charge of the China-US Class.

“The school has set access privileges on the iPad,” she told “M.I.C. Gadgets.” “Students can surf the official websites of foreign universities, browse English-language newspapers and download English original novels and biographies but not chat with QQ [China’s most popular instant messaging service] or some certain social networking services such as Renren.”