Quite first with Mac OS X upgrade for all their Acrobat

LOCHAWE, SCOTLAND, (1, February 2002) – Quite Software are known for
their innovative Acrobat plug-ins and we are happy to find that so far
as we know, we are first to release Mac OSX native versions of all our
plug-ins. And it won’t cost our customers a bean to upgrade.

Adobe Acrobat 5.05 was released in December 2001, and Acrobat 5.05 is
the first to be able to run on Mac OSX native.

Quite Imposing Plus is the industry standard tool for imposing PDF
documents directly within Acrobat. Quite Imposing is a streamlined
version of Quite Imposing Plus. Quite A Box Of Tricks is a powerful
toolkit for PDF professionals, including conversion to CMYK and
reducing PDF file size by recompressing images. Full details on
<http://www.quite.com/>http://www.quite.com/ .

On 1 February, version 1.5c of all plug-ins were made available on our
web site. This includes Mac OS X native support when used with Acrobat
5.05. Upgrades to this version are free to download for all registered

We want our customers to have a choice, so we continue to support our
plug-ins under Acrobat 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 on all compatible Power
Macintosh platforms. For many this will be necessary while they wait
for their other plug-ins to catch up.

Today in a separate announcement, Quite began the public beta trial of
their new Quite Revealing plug-in. This is also available with OS X
native support.

Background: Quite Software are a leading independent developer of
pre-press plug-ins for Adobe=AE Acrobat=AE. Based in the Highlands of
Scotland, but selling to a world-wide market, their current products,
Quite Imposing, Quite Imposing Plus, and Quite A Box Of Tricks, are
seen as essential tools in the PDF armoury.

While Quite are not aware of any previous commercial third-party
(non-Adobe) plug-ins to be released with OS X compatibility, it is not
possible to guarantee this in such a large and diverse market.

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