Many people will be purchasing a new Macintosh as the holiday season
approaches, and although the decision to buy a Mac may be easy,
finding informed answers to questions like “What Mac will best meet
my needs?”, “Should I buy now or wait a month?”, “How do I move my
files from my old Mac to my new one?”, and “What should I do with my
old Mac?” can be tough.

Mac guru Adam Engst has answered these questions countless times, and
he has distilled the answers into the 98-page “Take Control of Buying
a Mac.” Worksheets in the book help readers match their needs and
budget to the right Mac model, and a chart of Apple’s model launches
over the last 5 years helps predict when new Macs will appear. Engst
explains when readers can purchase to get the most bang for their
buck, compares different venues for where to shop, gives advice and
step-by-step instructions for transferring files from an old Mac to
the shiny new one, and offers thoughts about how to get the most out
of the Mac that’s being replaced. The book costs $10 and is available

Questions answered in this book include: * Are there particular
months when it especially makes sense to buy a new Mac? * Should I
buy a brand new model, or one that has been out for a while? * What
are the pros and cons of the MacBook Air versus a MacBook? * Do I
really need a Mac Pro, or would an inexpensive iMac be a better
choice? * How much RAM should I get, and should I buy it from Apple
or a reseller? * How should I connect my old and new Macs so I can
transfer files? * What should I do about iTunes authorization when
moving to a new Mac? * Before I give it away, how should I prepare
the hard drive on my old Mac?