PACE Anti-Piracy Releases InterLok 4.0 for Mac OS X

First extensive copy protection and anti-debugging toolset for software
publishers on Apple’s next generation operating system

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – January 22, 2002 – PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., a leader
in the development of anti-piracy systems for software publishers, has
released version 4.0 of InterLok=AE and InterLok=AE Pro for Mac OS X, the fi=
extensive anti-piracy toolset for software copy protection on Apple’s next
generation operating system. Version 4.0 works seamlessly with Mac OS X and
Mac OS 9. It adds several important security and user interface features
including a wizard builder, which further increases the flexibility and
ease-of-use of the InterLok copy protection system.

“The development of InterLok has followed a 16-year tradition of commitment
to maximum security, customizability, and ease-of-use,” said Allen Cronce,
President and founder of PACE Anti-Piracy. “Mac OS X is an incredible
platform for software development and we are thrilled to bring InterLok 4.0
to the Mac community. It is the first comprehensive anti-piracy solution
that leverages the power and stability of Apple’s next generation operating

“Developers are finding Mac OS X to be a phenomenal platform for which to
create software and it is extremely important for them to authorize and
protect the distribution of their software,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice
president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “InterLok 4.0 for Mac OS X
increases software security for developers and PACE is demonstrating a
strong commitment to the Mac community by swiftly adopting our next
generation operating system.”

InterLok 4.0 is the next-generation tool set for distributing and selling
software in a flexible, cost-effective, and highly secure manner. The
scalability of InterLok makes it a timely solution for software publishers
and distributors, who are simultaneously challenged by an increase in
peer-to-peer network sharing of applications and decreasing development
budgets. InterLok enables publishers to wrap and protect their software in
minutes with no source code changes or choose to use the PACE Interface
that is detailed in mature APIs.

PACE designed InterLok’s component tool suite approach to address the
urgent need of software publishers eager for more distribution flexibility.

“At Corel, we recognize that Mac customers want to try out applications
before they purchase them,” said Ian LeGrow, executive vice president,
Creative Products, at Corel Corporation. “Consistent with our
customer-driven approach, we are responding to that need by using InterLok
4.0 to help deliver trial versions of our outstanding Mac OS X offerings.”

New Features and Benefits

* Increased security: New, highly secure anti-hacking, anti-debugging
functionality designed to limit the piracy of code at runtime.

* Branding customization options: New customization options allow
publishers to import custom graphics into the wrapper user interface
through a drag-and-drop procedure.

* New demo user interface: Includes standard anti-tampering features, as
well as a wizard builder that automatically generates a custom user
interface for advanced forms of distribution. Separate and
easy-to-customize trial graphics window for targeted branding of demo

* Additional authorization method: Support for authorization via digitally
signed XML-based license files. This new system makes it easier to
integrate InterLok with existing database architectures when using
automated authorization via the Internet and/or activation settings.

* Industry standard web purchase support: Updated support for web
authorization designed to help software publishers quickly add Internet
activation to their e-Commerce strategies.

* New iLok support features: Support for specifying license expiration
periods and demo launch counts in PACE’s iLok USB Smart Key.

InterLok 4.0 is customizable to fit software publishers’ needs for
branding, including localization. Localization templates for the Client
Authorization Wizard will be available in the near future to make
localization even easier for companies selling software internationally.

InterLok 4.0 continues to support the same range of software licensing
features as previous InterLok versions: automatic wrapping, trialware and
buy-before-you-try functionality, metering, software rental, remote
feature/module control, iLok USB Smart key support, web-based user
registration, and automatic delivery of authorization via the Internet.

Availability of InterLok 4.0
InterLok 4.0 for Mac and InterLok Pro 4.0 for Mac have been available since
December 2001. InterLok 4.0 for Windows is expected to ship in the first
quarter of 2002. The current Windows version, compatible with all versions
of Windows, including XP, is currently shipping with similar features. More
information is available about InterLok and PACE’s iLok USB Smart Key at PACE Sales may be contacted by phone at (408)
979-9774 x1 or at

About PACE Anti-Piracy
PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. is a privately held company based in San Jose,
California. Since 1985, PACE has provided software publishers and
distributors with high quality solutions for secure software distribution.
PACE’s products are used by hundreds of world-class software publishers
around the world, including Adobe Systems, Bomb Factory, Corel, Digidesign,
Dolby Laboratories, Electronic Arts, Inprise, InstallShield, Liquid Audio,
Morisawa and Company, Nikon, Sanyo, Steinberg, Waves, and The Walt Disney