ANNOUNCEMENT – PDFCat 1.1 LAUNCHED – 22 January 2002 – for Mac and PC

PDFCat is a =A320/$30 utility from Rijdat Software for creating a summary
catalogue of PDF files with title, author, subject, keywords, creation
date, and other information.

Rijdat Software have just released PDFCat 1.1, an update to the utility
that helps you keep track of all those PDF documents you have collected
over the last few years. Select a folder for PDFCat and it will give you
the details of all the PDF files in that folder and any sub-folders. PDF
files contain some or all of the following:

Creation Date
Modification Date

You can edit this information for files which are not password protected,
to give them more useful information, and you can save the whole list to an
index file. Version 1.1 lets you save information about your files in one
of three database formats – CSV, tab-separated variables or DBF.

You can download PDFCat from our site at –
until you register PDFCat will only index 10 files at a time, when you have
registered you can deal with upto 2000 files at a time.

PDFCat works on both Macs and PCs. Registration costs =A320/$30 and you can
pay on-line at

Rijdat Software can be contacted at


1) Rijdat Software is a Mac-based programming company specialising in
utility and information managment software. Rijdat Software is based in
Scotland, UK.

2) PDFCat v1.0 was awarded 4 Cows by Tucows.

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