Morrison SoftDesign announces the release FontDoctor For Macintosh version 5.0

FontDoctor is the Apple Macintosh industry standard software application
for font problem diagnosis and repair.

Version 5.0 is a major upgrade that includes a host of new and updated
features, including:

– Support for MacOS X
– Support for Apple’s new DataFork font (.dfont) format
– Font Conversion feature to convert between font formats
– Up to eight times faster search and diagnosis

Additionally, powerful repair methods for damaged font tables (kerning,
glyph width, etc.), font ID conflicts, duplicate fonts, extra font sizes,
mixed font types (TrueType & PostScript), missing bitmaps & PostScript
fonts, and more, round out the powerful features that FontDoctor offers.

FontDoctor supports TrueType (Macintosh and Windows (.ttf) versions),
PostScript Type 1, PostScript Type 3, Multiple Master fonts, OpenType
fonts, DataFork fonts, and bitmap fonts.

FontDoctor is available for $69.99/copy and can be ordered and downloaded
from our website ( using all major credit cards, or
by calling 1-800-583-2917.

Owners of earlier versions can upgrade to version 5.0 for free.

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