SoftRAID, LLC announces SoftRAID 4.0, with Fast Mirror Rebuilds and
SnapShot Disks

Mill Valley, CA

SoftRAID LLC is pleased to announce SoftRAID 4.0, a major upgrade to its
acclaimed RAID management software for Mac OS X. SoftRAID 4.0 will be
demonstrated at MacWorld 2009, in San Francisco, January 5th to 9th, at
booth 342. SoftRAID 4.0 will be released by the end of Q1, 2009.

SoftRAID 4.0 brings new enhancements to RAID which make it an even better
solution for backing up volumes on both workstations and servers the backup
process. SoftRAID Mirror volumes have been the central part of the backup
strategy for Mac users for over a decade. Users have taken one of the
mirror disks to a secure location as part of a mirror backup. Periodically,
the mirror disk gets brought back to the Mac to be rebuilt (resynchronized)
with the volume. With 1 TeraByte volumes, this rebuild process can take
several hours. Now SoftRAID 4.0 introduces Fast Mirror Rebuilds. With Fast
Mirror Rebuilds, SoftRAID keeps track of which parts of the volume are used
when a mirror disk is not present, and only rebuilds those sectors when the
other mirror disk is reconnected. This allows users to rebuild there mirror
volumes in minutes rather than hours.

SoftRAID version 4 brings many additional new features to the Mac for the
first time. These features include: Email notification of errors and events
which occur with your SoftRAID volumes, a Command line interface for remote
maintanence, verification of disks and volumes, SMART error reporting and
disk certification.

“The release of SoftRAID version 4 dramatically changes the landscape of
backup software for Mac OS X users.”, noted Mark James, Vice President of
SoftRAID, LLC. “With the innovations of Faster Mirror Rebuilds, ShapShot
disks, eror reporting, and data verification, users can not only backup
easier than has ever been possible, but be confident that the disks they
store data on are reliable and not about to fail.”

With this release, SoftRAID, LLC continues to deliver the best software
RAID solution for the Mac. “This release includes many features that we
have been working on at SoftRAID over the past couple of years.”, said Tim
Standing, Vice President of Engineering, “SoftRAID 4 is ready for Snow
Leopard and will make it much easier for graphics professionals and server
administrators to guarantee the integrity of their files.”

SoftRAID continues to be the most cost effective method and reliable method
of providing both real-time and off-site backup for busy professionals,
small businesses and server administrators. No other backup solution
combines blazing fast backups with the ability to seamlessly recover from
hardware failures without having to restore from backup media. In addition,
SoftRAID users don’t have to worry about losing file attribute metadata or
the data corruption issues which plague other solutions like TimeMachine.
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For more information about SoftRAID 4.0, and for review copies, contact us

The SoftRAID 4.0 release is available electronically for $69 to all 3.x
owners. A bootable CD version is available for $20 more, plus $7 P&H. Users
who purchase SoftRAID 3 after January 1,2009, will receive a free upgrade
to SoftRAID 4.0.

The SoftRAID 4.0 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149,
both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide.

Demo version download URL:

About SoftRAID, LLC.

SoftRAID, LLC is headquartered in Mill Valley, California, and has
dedicated itself to developing high quality applications for Mac OS.