8. Jan. 2002
Introducing StyleGrid 3.3
Specialized Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic.

New in 3.3:

* Text Wraping in cells now works for Win32.
* Added MouseDrag event.
* Added a VerticalScrollbar property
(See notes in the docs about this one).
* MakeCellExtended was moved from the StyleGrid control class to the
StyleGridRow class, this was done to get it more flexible. See upgrade
migration notes for info on syntax change.
* Added a ColumnMinWidth property.
* Removed the ColumnHeaderAlignment property since its already available
from the Header property. See upgrade migration notes for info on synta=
* Did various of tweaks here and there to support custom Column resizing

** A new Open Source CColumnResize class for StyleGrid 3.3 has also been
made avalible by Hasan Edain who created the class for Groundlevel
Software. (Note this is not a Einhugur product and therefore not
officially supported)

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