Omni Group Announces the First Plug-In for Apple’s New iPhoto.

January 8, 2002 — Seattle, Washington — The Omni Group today announced
that they have written and released, for free, the first plug-in for
Apple’s new iPhoto application. This plug-in allows users to export iPhoto
albums to Omni Group’s ‘OmniGraffle’ diagramming application. Apple
unveiled iPhoto yesterday at Steve Jobs’ keynote for MacWorld Expo 2002.

Wil Shipley, President of The Omni Group, commented, “Greg Titus, one of
our engineers on OmniGraffle, was so excited by the release of iPhoto
yesterday that he decided to write a PlugIn for it. Since we’ve been using
Cocoa technologies for 13 years, it was easy to write our first one in a
couple of hours. This plug-in was originally intended to be a
proof-of-concept, but we decided to release it because it came out so well.”

Greg Titus added, “The iPhoto plug-in API is very well architected, and I
am pleased that Omni and other third-parties are going to be able to make
this great application even better.”

The new plug-in is available for free at: Since Apple’s
iPhoto APIs are subject to change right now, this version of the plug-in
might be made obsolete by future updates to iPhoto, but Omni will continue
to revise the plug-in to keep it current with iPhoto revisions to the best
of our ability.

The iPhoto to OmniGraffle plug-in is free to everyone. OmniGraffle sells
for $59.95 but, as announced yesterday, will also be free to buyers of new
Apple PowerBooks and PowerMacs as part of Apple’s new Mac OS X bundle.
iPhoto is free from Apple for all users of Mac OS X.