Lake Forest, CA – January 9, 2002 – Bosco Hutchings, the world’s smartest
and most adorable Boxer mix puppy, today announced that he has improved the
secret sauce of his wildly successful Foto Trimmer product and is making
that sauce available to other REALbasic developers.

The Component X Graphics plugin for REALbasic 3.5 and 4.0 provides fast,
high quality graphics functions for REALbasic. Version 1.1 of Component X
Graphics scales, stretches, flips, rotates in 0.1 degree increments, and
pixelates an image. It works with bit depths from 8 to 32 and offers a fast
low quality mode. The resulting images are identical across supported
platforms. REALbasic compiles Component X Graphics into Carbon, Classic,
and Win32 build of REALbasic projects. Component X Graphics adds less than
60K to the size of compiled applications and uses memory very efficiently.

Through an interpreter, Bosco explained how his new revision of Component X
Graphics will improve other products. “Without Component X Graphics,
REALbasic developers would have to tell their users to manually rotate the
screen of their new iMac to get image rotation in 0.1 degree increments.
It’s not even a possibility on Windows machines. Now, they can build the
functionality into their software.”

Component X Graphics 1.1 is available from the Component X Graphics
website: You can download a
demo for free. The demo works just like the real thing inside the REALbasic
IDE, but displays a message box and times out after 5 minutes when compiled
into an application. Through January 31, 2002, you can purchase a license
for Component X Graphics for US$350. After that date, the price will be
US$500. The license includes updates and support for one year and allows
you to deploy and distribute REALbasic applications that incorporate
Component X Graphics forever.

Component X Graphics is for use with REALbasic, a development product so
superior, even a dog can use it!

Brad Hutchings
General Partner,
Hutchings Software