SANDIA PARK, New Mexico — December 14, 2001 — PocketDock 2.3 has been
released and is available for download. PocketDock 2.3 features an updated
skin system, the release of 20 new skins, performance enhancements and bug
fixes. The new skins include: (1) five Christmas skins in the Christmas
Skin Pak, (2) five unique skins in the Wild Skin Pak, (3) five animal based
skins in the Animal Skin Pak, and (4) five other new skins in the Skin Pak

PocketDock is a utility to organize and launch applications,documents, web
links, and email addresses. It supports multiple skins or looks. PocketDock
has the following features:

* Multiple skin support.
* Drag and drop of links and tabs.
* Customizable links, tabs and docks.
* Multiple docks.
* Can launch documents, applications, web links, email addresses.
* Web links and email addresses can be added via services.
* Supports Internet Explorer, iCab, OmniWeb, Netscape/Mozilla, Outlook
Express (Classic), Eudora, Opera and AddressBook.
* Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Dutch.

This update is free to all registered PocketDock users. A free 30-day
trial version of PocketDock can be downloaded at: