1.3.2 / 2001-12-14

Znippetizer-X is a small tool, to help programmers, writers, scientists,
lawyers and other people who need to quickly sort , organize and categorize

How does it work?
Znippetizer-X has a small global floating window (with a Z in it), where
you can drag any text. Any items dragged here are stored in a database, and
grouped. All new items are stored in the currently selected Snippetgroup,
and can then later on be moved to any other group.

By clicking on the “Z”, the Znippetizer-X windows zooms, and you get full
access to the groups and lists of items, and you can drag any item from the
list to any other application that can recieve a text drag. You can zoom
any snippet and select parts from it, copy from it. You can drag text files
to the Znippetizer-X window, and also paste new snippets into it. You can
also edit a snippet in the close up window.

What it doesn’t do.
It doesn’t handle graphics or any other kind of dragged items.

Limitations in a non registered version.
The number of snippets are limited to 50.
You can only create 5 new groups.
Importing is disabled, so is searching.
Creating new Znippets manually is disabled.
Importing znippets from a textfile is disabled.
Exporting znippets to a textfile is disabled.
Find party crippled.

How do I purchase?
Just use your browser and go to the following URL:

Please try it out, and please e-mail me suggestions and comments, and
please use the word Znippetizer in the subject field when e-mailing about
Znippetizer-X, to make mail sorting more easy.

email: totte@code66.se

Znippetizer-X changes history:
1.3.2 Another fix version with some features added.
1.3.2 Fixed cosmetic bug when files where dropped and autozoom was enabled.
1.3.2 Fixed bug that sometimes prevented direct editing of snippet name.
1.3.2 Fixed bug that suddenly surfaced which made the database look
corrupted when special order was used for the group popup.
1.3.2 Fixed another issue in special order of the snippet group popup.
1.3.2 Added OPT-click to direct edit snippet name in addition to
pressing the return key.
1.3.2 Added display of the warningsheet when a snippet was deleted
using backspace.

1.3.1 First fix version of Znippetizer-X
1.3.1 Fixes showstopper bug in 1.3 (Thanks to Kenneth B. Marcus)
1.3.1 Importer now honors dates from the older database on importing.

1.3 First released version of Znippetizer-X
1.3 Fixed a bunch of outstandinmg issues in 1.3.0b3

1.3.0b3 First downloadable betaversion of Znippetizer-X.

Torsten “Totte” Alm
Code 66