DAQ Plot Adds Spectral Analysis And Ethernet Capabilities
April 6, 2005

VVI today announced the release of DAQ Plot version 9.9.1, which features
real-time multi-channel spectral analysis and data acquisition through
Ethernet in addition to USB cabling. John Brilhart, Chief Technical Officer
of VVI, made this statement:

“DAQ Plot measures voltages from sensors and presents them in an intuitive
strip chart format. This new version adds spectral analysis plots and
oscilloscope features. With appropriate hardware and methodology DAQ Plot
can be used to determine natural frequencies, resonant peaks, decay curves,
harmonics, frequency content and more. Depending on the hardware used to
acquire the signals, it can be applied to projects from vibration and
seismic analysis up to radar and laser analysis. The oscilloscope displays
up to 16 channels in the time and frequency domain in real time and can pan
back and forth in time showing historical as well as the most recent
spectral and temporal signals.

This new version also updates the data acquisition driver so signals can be
acquired through Ethernet cabling in addition to USB. This is especially
valuable for customers that have an existing ethernet cable infrastructure
and wish to place data acquisition hardware over a large area without the
need for an accompanying computer or additional hardware.”

Pricing And Availability

DAQ Plot is available immediately and includes data acquisition hardware.
To purchase DAQ Plot or for additional information call 888-VVI-PLOT or
email sales@vvi.com.

Professional services that include the Vvidget Pro frameworks and data
automation and measurement hardware and integration services are available
directly from VVI. For additional information call 888-VVI-PLOT or email

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