Vienna, Austria – October 26, 2001 — Objective Development today announced
the availability of LaunchBar 3.1.1 for Mac OS X, a fully keyboard driven
productivity utility that provides lightning fast access to thousands of
files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering
short abbreviations.

“We receive incredible user feedback”, says Norbert Heger, co-founder of
Objective Development and author of LaunchBar. “Most people tell us they
became addicted to LaunchBar within a couple of hours”.

LaunchBar offers an amazingly intuitive way to control your computer. It’s
not you learning how to use LaunchBar, but it’s LaunchBar learning how to
serve you. Just type a few letters of what you intend to do and LaunchBar
will do it for you.

LaunchBar is sitting in the background, ready to receive your keystrokes.
You just hit Command-Space to attract its attention, enter a short,
abbreviated description of what you’re looking for, and it immediately
offers the best matching choice from a list of thousands of possibilities.
This list and the corresponding abbreviations do NOT need to be configured
manually. LaunchBar uses a very powerful, adaptive abbreviation search
algorithm that allows you to enter ANY thinkable abbreviation of the
searched item. LaunchBar automatically analyzes the user’s behavior and
adapts the rating criteria dynamically. Therefore the search results become
more accurate the more you use LaunchBar. It simply learns from the user’s

A detailed review can be found at


* Accessing numerous resources by entering short abbreviations
* Quick activation using a system wide hotkey
* Ultra fast, adaptive search algorithm: Learns from the user’s habits
* Switching between running applications
* Filesystem Browsing
* Easy installation: Automated setup management and an extensive default
setup allows to use LaunchBar “out of the box”

For a full catalog of features and more information about LaunchBar please
visit Objective Development’s web site at


LaunchBar 3.1.1 for Mac OS X is available now and can be downloaded from

The free, built in evaluation license is sufficient for occasional use. It
allows to access a maximum of 7 different items per session. Those items
can be accessed without any restriction, and even if the session limit is
exceeded it is still possible to open 10 further items.

The LaunchBar Business License is available for USD 39,- per seat. A Home
User License, restricted to non-commercial, non-profit use, is available
for USD 19.95 per seat.


Objective Development was started about ten years ago as an informal
cooperation of developers who gained know-how with contract work and
consulting in the area of NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP development (NEXTSTEP and
OPENSTEP were the operating systems developed by NeXT Inc. and were direct
ancestors of Mac OS X). Objective Development’s current focus is on Mac OS
X, EOF and WebObjects application development.


Objective Development
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Norbert Heger, Technical Director & Marketing
Porschestrasse 13-15/10/1
A-1230 Vienna
Phone: +43(1)60936506
Fax: +43(1)60936504
e-mail: launchbar@obdev.at
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