Text Editor
Jedit4.0 Rev4.0.9(2)
File size: 2.0MB

Release date: 10.25.2001
shareware: 2500 Japanese Yen (about US$25)
Company URL: http://www.matsumoto.co.jp/
Product URL: http://www02.matsumoto.co.jp/product/Jedit4/index_E.html
For Mac OS 8.5-9.1, non-Carbon “Jedit4.0 For Classic OS”
For Mac OS X, Carbonized “Jedit4.0 For Mac OS X”


The English version of the popular text editor in Japan. Supports both
Classic OS and Mac OS X, AppleScript, Multi-Style, Split Editing Window,
Multiple Undo, HTML Coloring, Sherlock FCB Search, Book Marking, Paragraph
Formatting, Object Embedding (image, sound, Quicktime Movie and alias),
Macro Menus, Read out and Recording, Summarizing, Unicode, Print preview,
Sorting etc.

In Rev.4.0.9(2), two bugs were fixed and one improvement has been conducted.

System Requirement:

+ Mac OS 8.5 or later
+ Power Macintosh
+ Needs free memory of more than 4MB.


+ Classic and Carbon Application. Runs under Mac OS Classic and the native
Mac OS X, Aqua interface.
+ Supports Split Editing. Enables you to edit a single document using two
split views or more.
+ Supports AppleScript full text editing operations.
+ Supports Auto coloring for HTML tags, and drag & drop functions for URL
path names.
+ Supports Unicode and UTF8 text files.
+ Opens, edits and saves SimpleText Read Only files.
+ Supports regular expressions (compatible with 2-byte characters) for
search functions.
+ Supports multiple file search (commonly called ‘Grep’).
+ Compatible with Sherlock. Jedit4.0 can open a file and immediately jump
to a chosen search word.
+ Supports the “Find by File Name” in the Sherlock Search dialog. You can
use regular expressions in the target file name.
+ Bookmarks selected document areas. Bookmarks are kept in an index file.
+ Supports Word Service. You can select and use your preferred spell
checker, grammar checker and/or dictionary application from the Jedi4.0 menu
+ Supports multiple Undo/Redo functions for all operations.
+ Compatible with multi fonts, multi styles, and multi color.
+ Supports Paragraph-level formatting. You can specify indent, alignment
and line space commands for each paragraph.
+ Supports object imbedding; enabling the insertion of images, sounds,
QuickTime movies and file aliases into documents.
+ Displays line numbers, paragraph numbers and rulers.
+ Support Tool Bar functions in document windows. You can change font,
character size and color, and alignment with one action.
+ Supports powerful printing functions such as Print Preview and Custom
Page Setup.
+ And more.


Thank you,

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