— Morgan Kaufmann publishes new books

San Francisco, CA / October 2001 — Morgan Kaufmann Publishers is pleased
to announce the release of two new and exciting books: Mac OS X Developers
Guide, which will allow developers a painless transition to Mac OS X; and
the highly-anticipated second edition of QuickTime for the Web For Windows
and Macintosh, written not only for Webmasters and multimedia authors, but
also for any beginner who wants to how to integrate video, recorded sound,
Flash animation, virtual reality, MIDI, text, still images, games, and user
interactivity into a website.

These titles are immediately available through DevDepot, the source for the
widest selection of Macintosh technical and developer tools, toys, and
references. By special arrangement, DevDepot is offering each of these
books at 1/3 off (only through November 16th). To get these special prices
simply use the special coupon code MK6101 during the checkout process on
the DevDepot website, or use the special URLs below, or mention code MK6101
when placing orders by phone.

Timed with the release of the new Mac OS X from Apple, Jesse Feiler’s book,
Mac OS X Developers Guide gives the background you need to get started, the
instruction and examples you need to move forward, and the expert advice
you need to solve your toughest programming challenges. In this book, you
can also learn how to develop applications using both the Cocoa and Carbon
frameworks, optimize your Carbon application with Carbon events and use
direct dispatch in Carbon and Cocoa to make your applications more
efficient, as well as write Mac OS X programs using C, C++, Java, and
Objective-C (includes extensive example code).

Mac OS X Developer’s Guide, by Jesse Feiler

QuickTime is the industry standard for creating and distributing multimedia
content on the Web. QuickTime for the Web: For Windows and Macintosh by
Steven Gulie and Apple Computers is the new edition of the best-selling and
award winning QuickTime of the Web, which won the TouchStone 2000 Merit
Award for Books awards by the Society for Technical Communications. This
second edition, which includes QuickTime Pro 5 and a full set of
development tools for both Windows and Macintosh, is the most complete
authoritative source for creating QuickTime content and putting it on the

QuickTime for the Web, by Steven Gulie and Apple Computers

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