UsableNet Section 508 accessibility and usability testing service now
available on Industry leading web sites.

Macromedia and Webable are first to offer this 5-page Section 508
accessibility testing service via their web sites.

October, 2001 (New York, NY) – UsableNet, provider of usability and
accessibility testing solutions for websites, announces the availability of
their ASP technology allowing partners to offer free web accessibility
testing for Section 508 guidelines. This service quickly allows web
designers and webmasters to test their web site and receive a report
identifying accessibility and compliance issues. This free report, already
available on, has been used to test over 1 million
pages in the past year and is the only free product to test for Section 508
compliance available worldwide .

Macromedia, which creates the market-leading Dreamweaver and Macromedia
Flash Web authoring products, uses this service as part of its
“Accessibility Resource Center”. The Resource Center, which includes tools
such as templates and quick start guides, offers a comprehensive
accessibility solution for web developers.

Webable, a leading resource for web accessibility knowledge and expertise,
has been working with UsableNet for some time and recently added this
service for web site visitors to quickly and easily understand how simple
changes can make their site accessible to everyone.

UsableNet is making this new service available to all partners and
customers through an Associate Partners Program (APP) allowing them to
offer a free 5-page report to their site visitors. With the APP, associates
receive income when users of the service purchase a product or future
service from UsableNet. To join the program partners can visit:

This 5-page report offers a subset of the functionality available in the
popular LIFT Online service which allows users to test and monitor multiple
web sites. This service is available through the UsableNet website for $249
per year.

About UsableNet
Headquartered in New York City, UsableNet is a software company that
provides usability and accessibility testing products for website
developers. UsableNet’s software tools empower web developers to quickly
and efficiently test websites to meet usability and accessibility
standards, including section 508 and W3C guidelines. The company’s products
are sold worldwide through distributors as well as through the company’s
website. For more information, go to or call
+1(212)965-5388. UsableNet Incorporated, 83 Mercer Street, Floor 2, New
York, NY 10012